Everything You Need to Know About a Gaming Monitors

What is Gaming Monitor?

Gaming Monitor is a term to describe a computer monitor that is designed specifically to enhance your Pc gaming experience. They are specifically designed to bring the graphics produced by computer to real-world experience as good as possible. The refresh rate, response time, color accuracy, brightness, and contrast ratio are the factors that set apart them from an ordinary computer monitor.

Additionally, They also equipped with extra ports like USB, Headphones, and many others for the convenience of users. They are more expensive as compared to an ordinary monitor that we see on our normal computer setup.

The technology behind gaming monitors keeps changing rapidly. Even though, The idea behind the goal remains the same. The manufacturer tries its best to produce such kind of gaming that can bring the output of your gaming rig and graphics rendering look as good as possible.

Buying a good monitor for a gaming rig is a major investment. It is worth investing all the factors that involve picking up the right one for specific needs. Otherwise, The user may end up buying an expensive monitor that can not translate his/her gaming rig’s performance in the real world.

Since there are various gaming monitors are available on the market, In this guide, we will help you how to shorten the list of them and what features to consider when buying it. We have explained all the important features that you need to learn before getting the one for yourself.

Where to get the list of Best Gaming Monitors?

if educating yourself all about the monitor’s technical specs is not enough, you can still feel struggling to find the best pick. We understand, with so many factors it is always a difficult job for a non-techy person to decide which one he/she should buy.

What Features To Look When Buying A Gaming Monitor?


Pixels are tiny components of the image. They are square in shape and they are the building blocks of the image you see on your computer screen. You can see them by zooming in any image. After magnifying an image, you will see tiny squares. These tiny squares called pixels are responsible for the sharpness of an image. The more pixels you will have, the higher the sharp and crisp image will be.

The resolution is the first feature that we look at while buying a gaming monitor. It is measured by width and height. The most popular resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. It means the screen has 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height. So overall it has 2,073,600 overscreen.

The most popular resolution is called high definition. The HD display screens start from 1280×720. additionally, Full HD term is used for 1920×1080 pixels.

To get the maximum crisp and the sharp image you should try to get the highest resolution monitor that you can get in your limited budget. The more resolution also results in more desktop space.

Before moving further, you should keep in mind. Just buying a monitor with higher resolution won’t make movies look more crisp and clear. The video content according to the resolution is also required for truly benefiting this feature.

For example, if you have a 4k monitor that is expensive at the moment and play a video streaming with 1080p. It won’t look as good as you play a 4K Blu-ray movie on the same display. Having the content with higher resolution is also required to get truly benefit from the monitor.


Upscaling is a feature in which the size of pixels is increased to cover the screen. This feature is active when you play a smaller resolution video on a higher resolution screen. it will simply increase the size of the building blocks so the image looks like 4k. Even though, there will be a decrease in smoothness and clarity of the video or image. You might face problems like ghosting, blurriness, and non-accurate colors when upscaling is at work.

If you have a monitor with a small size, and the resolution is higher. For example, if you have a 24-inch monitor and the resolution is 4K. The menus and windows will be very small. Some people might struggle reading them and operating the computer properly. This is where Windows Upscaling comes in handy.

With this feature, you can increase the size of buttons and other interface but the image or videos will keep the same resolution. Even though, space will be shrunk because of upscaling on the desktop. It is always a wise choice to keep increasing display size with the resolution. The ideal for a 4k resolution is a 32-inch monitor considered these days.

Native Resolution

Present days monitors come with a fixed resolution. The manufacturers have designed them according to this specific resolution so the image quality can be optimized. Even though you can decrease the resolution but the desktop estate will shrink and the display will be fuzzier.

Screen Size

The monitors advertised with their size calculated diagonally. In other words, the size is calculated corner to corner in inches. Since gamers like to sit near to computer setup so it is ideal to have monitors in a specific range of sizes. The common size among gamers is from 21 inches to 32 inches. The decision about the size based on the situation of gamers’ eyes.

Most users would like to stay in the range of 2 feet from the screen. This size range will cover most of your viewing angle and you can clearly see the display. if your eyes are not good enough, you should go for larger screens. The maximum size is 32-inches that is popular these days. Having higher resolution with a larger screen is also an important thing to consider.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio indicates what is the proportion of width and height in a display screen. In the past, the aspect ratio was square, most of the CRT monitors were designed with a 4:3 aspect ratio. They looked like a box almost. But later one, As people started to bring theater movies at home, with blue rays and streaming movies. The demand for wider screens emerged.

Present days the wider screens are preferred. A good ratio these days is 32:9. Some people like wider ones to increase their desktop space and for removing black bars in a movie video that is added to keep the video at proportion.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate tells how many times each pixel or overall screen is refreshed. It is scaled by the hertz, for instance, if a display screen has 60 Hz that means each pixel is refreshed 60 times per second. Having a higher refresh rate will result in smoother video performance.

A monitor for ordinary Pc has a standard of 60 hertz means it refreshed 60 times each second it’s pixels. but for competitive gamers smoother display is a requirement since a little delay in response to the enemy can jeopardize their whole game. The gaming monitors start with 120Hz but 144hz refresh rate is most popular among them.

However, a higher refresh rate shows fast motions clear instead of blurring them or looking like ghostly images. Other than that, you should also get a powerful GPU attached to your gaming rig to see the real benefit of a higher refresh rate. The 60 framer per second is the most recommended frames per second known for a single game at your desired level of graphics quality as well as resolution.

What are the Best Brands of Gaming Monitors?

Not all brands can invest all the money in every segment, that is the reason you should decide what brand is producing the best gaming monitors. We have tested many models from different brands and concluded that Asus and LG are great brands in producing great gaming monitors.

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